Book icon Evaluating OER


Instructors are often unsure about the quality of freely available resources. Several OER repositories provide in-depth reviews of the resource, often from experts in that field. These reviews help instructors quickly evaluate the depth, breadth, currency, and accuracy of the content in the OER.


                                                                                           screenshot of two instructor book reviews

Remember, evaluating OER isn’t different than evaluating traditional course materials! Use whatever rubrics or evaluation tools you normally would.


OER Librarians have created a rubric for Faculty Evaluating Open Educational Resources. Download the full rubric.

                                                                     partial screenshot of the Faculty Evaluating Open Educational Resources rubric

The OER Evaluation Checklist is another quick and easy-to-use tool for instructors interested in evaluating the quality and relevance of an OER.

                                                   infographic that advises instructors to evaluate, update, and review copyright for OER. Contact with questions.