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IU E-Texts


In response to the rising costs of textbooks, Indiana University has partnered with publishers to create IU eTexts. These eTexts serve as a cost-effective alternative to traditional textbooks, providing better pricing, customized learning experiences, and enhanced digital learning.

eTexts provide numerous tangible benefits for instructors and their students:


  • Immediate and consistent access to all course materials for entirety of student enrollment
  • On-demand printing services
  • Incorporated teaching and learning analytics
  • Instructional annotation software
  • Various collaborative digital tools
  • Less cost for students

If you would like more information on the benefits of eTexts and the process of their implementation, check out the eTexts 101: A Practical Guide. This helpful guide is itself an eText and an excellent example of the eText medium. If you wish to adopt an eText immediately, follow the instructions on the UITS eTexts page.


Library Licensed Content

IU Libraries also holds a large variety of works that can be freely used in your courses. Instructors can place any resource under Class Reserves to ensure that your students can access class materials. These can include physical resources, such as books and media, to be checked out for a few hours or days at a time. Reserves can also be incorporated digitally through Canvas.