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Are you an author looking for a venue to publish your work open access? We can consult with you to find a reputable OA journal that has the readership and rigor you want. We also consult with students and faculty on identifying and avoiding predatory publishers.


Finding Open Access Publishers

With the huge amount of academic journals being published in the online era, it can be difficult to find journals that are high quality, provide high impact, and are committed to open access. Luckily, several organizations have organized lists and databases for authors to find the perfect, fully open venue for their work.

Here are some excellent databases of open access journals:

What is Predatory Publishing?


Publishers and journals categorized as "predatory" are uninterested in sharing properly cited and reviewed work or respecting the rights of authors; they are interested solely in profit and often ask authors to pay publishing or presenting fees. Some predatory journals claim to be legitimately Open Access, which results in scholars sometimes conflating OA with predatory practices. IU Libraries has created a Predatory Publishers Guide to aid authors in publishing open access while avoiding predatory practices. This includes a thorough FAQ on the differences between predatory and standard open access publishing, various resources on detecting questionable publishers, and a step-by-step guide on evaluating journals.