check icon Benefits of depositing scholarship into IUScholarWorks


IUScholarWorks is an open access repository service provided by the IU Libraries for disseminating and preserving the intellectual output of Indiana University scholars. The repository is designed to hold and deliver scholarly materials in digital form (text, data, image, etc.) that will not change over time and that are adequately described with standard keywords and descriptors (i.e., do not have specialized metadata requirements). IU students, faculty, and staff may use IUScholarWorks to make their scholarly research materials freely available to the world, at a stable URL, and with the assurance that they will be maintained over the long term.


What we provide:


Perpetual access & preservation

All items deposited in the repository receive a stable, permanent URL so that readers will always be able to find it. We can also issue Digital Object Identifiers (DOIs) upon request. The Libraries are committed to preserving all items in IUScholarWorks in perpetuity. Read our Format and Preservation Policy to learn more.


Full-text search & display

Deposited items that have text components (e.g. Word, PDF documents) are searched full-text by the repository search engine and by general search engines such as Google.


Google optimization

Items in IUScholarWorks will show up highly ranked in Google search results, which increases citation impact.


Readership & use metrics

We offer usage statistics (page views and downloads) for submitters to see how often their deposits are used by others.


Rights checking assistance

We can help you verify whether or not you have the rights to deposit your work in IUScholarWorks. Our Copyright page is a great place to start.


Metadata consultation

When you submit an item to the repository, you'll be asked to provide descriptive information about the item, also known as metadata. We provide guidance on how to enter this information so that users and search engines will be able to effectively find your work.


Embargo management

Not quite ready to make your work open access? We'll help you delay availability to your work for up to five years. Read our Embargo Policy to learn more.


Proxy submissions

We make it easy to give someone else permission to deposit your work on your behalf with our Proxy Authorization Form.