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Occasionally open access publishing can come with high expenses for researchers. These costs often take the form of an Article Processing Charge (APC), which shifts costs from readers to authors and requires authors to pay a fee to ensure that their article is published open access.

Indiana University Bloomington has several resources to help IU faculty pay for APCs in order to make open access publishing more accessible.

APC Fund

The IU Libraries and the Office of the Vice Provost for Research have collaborated to establish a new Open Access Article Publishing Fund for faculty on the IU Bloomington campus. Faculty may apply for up to $2,000 to cover the article processing charges associated with eligible journal articles. Faculty can apply for this funding opportunity through InfoReady. More information about the fund is provided on the Scholarly Communication Department Blog, and a walkthrough of this process is also seen in the video guide below.



Publisher Discounts

IU Libraries has collaborated with the following publishers to secure an open access publishing discount for IU Bloomington affiliates:

  • Springer Open and BioMed Central: Review our LibGuide to apply your 15% discount on APCs
  • Frontiers: A news report from Frontiers details the 7.5% discount this publisher grants IU-affiliated authors.
  • MDPI: A blog post guide details how to activate the 10% discount for MDPI publications.